Citizens' Police Academy Alumni of Scottsdale

The concept of the Citizen Police Academy was developed in 1977, by the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. Its purpose was to familiarize private citizens with the nature of police work. The idea came about when citizens told the local police agencies that they were anxious to learn about how their police department operated. The people who attended the academy came from every walk of life, and they quickly developed an eagerness to learn and participate. The Citizen Police Academy successfully built a bridge between the community and law enforcement.

The first law enforcement agency in the United States to adopt the program was the Orlando (Florida) Police Department. In 1985, Orlando began what would become a national model. Since then, many major cities in the United States have established them.

The Scottsdale Police Department has been offering Citizen Police Academy classes every year since 1986. Our alumni organization, Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni of Scottsdale (CiPAAS), was formed in January 2002, comprised of graduates of Scottsdale Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy. It has evolved into a viable 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose primary goal is to support the Scottsdale Police Department in building a stronger and safer Scottsdale community.

Our organization brings together graduates of Scottsdale’s Citizens’ Police Academy as a source of active volunteer support to the Scottsdale Police Department. We work to promote awareness of law enforcement and specific Scottsdale community issues and enhance relations between the community and the department. Through our activities and community involvement, we also strive to recruit participants for the Academy.

We are a non-profit, volunteer organization governed by an Executive Board with established Bylaws.